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Jul 15, 2017 | Business, Design

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WordPress powers almost 27% of the entire internet.

I love WordPress. I use it for all of the websites I create. This is why:

It’s insanely flexible, not just for blogs, but for all websites

WordPress is not just for blogging. Back in the day, WordPress existed for blogging, but now it has grown into a brilliant content management system that many websites are built with, even very popular ones you’ve probably heard of like Forbes, Playstation.Blog, LinkedIn, Samsung and Vogue.

You can build a membership site, ecommerce site, blog, a simple website, almost anything, with WordPress.

You can also expand easily as your business grows. You could start with just one page and in future add as many extra pages and functionalities as you like.

It’s totally free

WordPress is free to use for all. There are plenty of themes and plugins available to buy to design and enhance your site, but the platform itself is free and there are so many good quality themes and plugins available for free, too.

NOTE –  If you’re going for something free, I recommend using WordPress themes that are by WordPress themselves, otherwise go for a paid theme that’s regularly updated so you’re sure to get the latest security updates. Good places for themes include Elegant Themes (Divi is the one I use for all of my websites!), Bluchic and Themeforest (however, check the reviews, demos and how recent the theme is).

If you’re using free plugins, download via your WordPress website itself and again check the ratings and how recently the plugin was updated.

WordPress.org or WordPress.com

While WordPress itself is completely free, other cost considerations you need to bear in mind are hosting and a domain name.

I like to describe it this way – if your website is your home, your domain name is your address and your hosting is your rent.

With WordPress.com, WordPress hosts the website for you and you get a domain name that ends in wordpress.com, unless you upgrade to use your own custom domain. It’s mostly suited to blogs and is a bit more restricted than WordPress.org.

WordPress.org requires your own hosting and a domain name, but it’s completely flexible. You can use absolutely any theme or plugin and really customise the site to look unique.


It’s not made for tech gurus

WordPress is easy to use. You don’t have to be a website developer to learn to use it or update it. Most website hosts even provide a one click installation option so it’s set up and ready to use within minutes.

I offer all of my clients videos and guides on how to update their website themselves, if they’d like to. Small businesses don’t often have the cash to splash out on website edits and it seems silly if it’s so easy to do! That’s why I teach my clients how to use their website. They can easily update text content, add new blog posts, change images, update prices etc… It’s in everyone’s best interest to have an up to date website.

WordPress is SEO friendly

WordPress is designed with search engines in mind. There are also great plugins available like Yoast to help with SEO.

Something that has recently come up in the world of SEO is how a mobile friendly website positively affects your rankings.

Regardless of SEO, your website should be mobile friendly for the sake of the people looking at your website! Mobile devices now account for 38.6% of all internet pages loaded, and if they have to pinch and scroll to see the whole site then they’re likely to click off and go to someone else’s website.

The best thing about most recent WordPress themes now, is that they are mobile responsive as a standard. If they’re not, don’t use that theme.

It’s easy to get out of a pickle!

If you ever get stuck or need help with your site, there’s a big community surrounding WordPress. There are plenty of solutions and people to help on the WordPress forums and there are plenty of articles all over the web from people who’ve had the same problem.

If you go with a great host, like Siteground, you’ll also have the support of the team there too.

And of course, I’m available to help too!

Book a free discovery call now and let’s discuss your website!


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