At Amber Phillips Design, I specialise in website design for creative entrepreneurs. I provide a custom website option (what it says on the tin, totally custom site, catered to the business goal and brand) and a starter website package.

I believe that budget shouldn’t hold small businesses back from having a great website. Your website is your business hub. It contains all of your information and your branding, and it should encourage your ideal customers to work with you. A bad website can damage your reputation and put people off of working with you.

Thats why I created my starter website package specifically for businesses who cannot afford to spend thousands on a custom site just yet.

If you can afford to get a custom site, don’t cut corners. This package is called a starter site for a reason. It’s to get you started so that you can build your business from the word ‘go’. Its for businesses who are just starting with a small budget and for businesses who would like to test their business idea before they invest more time and money.

The starter website package is not a custom website. Its based on pre-designed templates and includes three essential pages.

I worked hard to design several template options for each page – Home, About, Services, Blog and Contact.

The idea is you pick three pages, usually Home, Services and Contact, then choose a template for each page. I then design the website based on your page and template choices, using your branding, information and photos to create a website thats personalised to you.

Each of my starter websites are built in WordPress using a theme called Divi. It’s so flexible and means that you can easily edit and update your website, developing it as your business grows.

You get a professional, secure, and scalable website for a relatively small investment.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call with me now to discuss your website

This is for you if:

– You don’t want or need a custom site yet (if you do, click here) because you’re just starting out or you’re looking to test your business idea before going big
– You can work to a schedule to provide feedback on designs so that we can complete within the 4 week timeframe
– You’d like a website that can scale with your business
– You’re happy with the templates provided for the pages and you don’t need extra amends or functionality to the templates (that would make it custom!)

This is not for you if:

– You’re trying to cut corners and get a custom website cheaply. This website is based solely on the templates and that is why I can offer it so cheaply. There’s a chance that other websites will have the same layout, but not the same design.
– You need several pages. I can add 1-3 extra pages to this package (please contact for a quote) but this is not the package for a 20 page site.
– You like template 1, but a bit of template 2, and can I just switch the layout around a bit…

If you’d like to discuss a starter website package, click here to book a discovery call. If you’ve read this post and you’re sure this is what you need, click here to book now.

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