Website Wonderland

DIY Website Course

Website Wonderland

DIY Website Course

Learn how to create your own website that looks beautiful AND makes sales!

It’s not enough to just look pretty! This course teaches you how to structure and create a website that encourages your dream customers to buy from you.

You know the importance of having a great brand and a great website but you don’t want to spend too much money when you’re just getting started, you don’t want to spend too much time on learning by trial and error, you’re a bit nervous about doing it yourself as you’ve heard way too many horror stories about websites going wrong and you don’t want the website to look overly ‘DIY’.

You just want to get up and running and you want to feel confident in your business and your website right from the start.

Website Wonderland guides you to create a website that looks brilliant, makes you sound and look like a professional and established business, doesn’t break the bank and makes you sales right from the start.  

The course is written and recorded in a way that makes it easy even for someone who isn’t technical. I leave out the jargon, I explain things as simply as possible and I only educate you about the things that you need to know. 

It won’t make you into a website designer or developer, but it’ll help you to create and manage your website so that you can get back to doing what you’re great at and making sales through this proud creation of yours!

Absolutely everything you need to know to build a successful website is included in the course. How to make your website legal, how to secure it from hackers, how to launch the website… Everything is covered in Website Wonderland.

What’s included in the course?



This module is a quick introduction to who I am, how to use the course and what WordPress actually is

Set Up

This is the essential bit before we get on to the fun stuff! This module covers how to set up everything before we can start building


The fun part!! This is where we actually create your website! I’ll teach you how to build any layout using Divi


Page structures

Find out how to structure different types of pages, e.g. sales pages

Security & Legal

A short module on how to keep your website secure and the things you need to have on your website to cover you legally

Testing & Troubleshooting

Before you launch your website, you need to make sure everything works properly. This module covers how to do that

Lift off!

This is where we celebrate your hard work and launch that baby in to the world! Woohoo!


The work doesn’t stop there. Once you have a website, you need to care for it and keep driving traffic to it. It’s almost like a living, breathing thing!

What else do I get?

Optional module: Ecommerce

An extra module is included in the course if you want to create an online shop

Printed workbook

You’ll have the option to use a printed workbook alongside the materials on Thinkific


Access to a premium drag and drop parent theme to help you create your website

Child theme

A child theme is the basis of the design for your website. There are several to choose from. Pick one for free!

Case study on my blog and social media

When your website is finished, I’d love to share it! One, because I’m proud of you, and two, because I want to help you get visible!



Connect with me and other entrepreneurs building their own website in our private Facebook group

1 year's free hosting and domain name plus free set-up

I set this up for you as well as installing WordPress so you can get going straight away

Flexible payment options

Pay all in one go or in three instalments

“Investing in Amber’s Website Wonderland course has been one of the best things I’ve spent money on in my business.  I did not have the budget to outsource this task, but Amber has been available via email or in the FB group when I got stuck, so it is the next-best-thing to outsourcing – there was an expert to help even though I had to do the work myself.”

How does it work?

The DIY Website Course is set up on Thinkific, an online learning platform. When you sign up to the course, you get access on Thinkific and can work through each of the modules either by reading through the text or watching the videos, or a combination! There’s also an option to print the course as a workbook. Everyone learns and understands in different ways so I’ve tried to cover everything!

“I absolutely loved the course and learnt a lot more by doing it. I loved having you there to hold my hand and point me in the right direction.”



Group Coaching

We’ll have a fortnightly ‘face to face’ call via Zoom so we can work through anything you need help with.


Branding Mini-Course

To build a brilliant website, you need to start with brilliant branding. The branding mini-course helps you to answer key questions about your business, build an amazing brand and establish strong foundations for your website

Planning Mini-Course

The planning mini-course will help you to create an exceptional website. Planning is an important part of any website build and the mini-course guides you in deciding what pages you need, what goals to choose for your website and how to write content that attracts your dream customers using the wonderful guide from Worditude, The Ultimate Website Content Planner.

“Amber is an amazing lady who explains everything really well. She is always on hand to help out and answer your questions. Her course is packed full of useful information and I’m glad I found her. Thanks Amber x”

Ready to create your website?

Are you ready to have a beautiful new website that you will love? It will make you sales while you sleep. It will attract your dream customers. It will grow as your business does. And you’ll feel proud that you did this all yourself!

It’s not difficult, it’s not expensive, and it doesn’t have to take a long time to do.

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