Would you like a website that attracts your customers like bees to honey, gets leads on autopilot and makes more money for your small business?

Of course you do!

But the problem is…

You don’t have thousands and thousands of pounds to invest


You simply don’t have the time to figure it all out yourself


You’ve heard horror stories about disappearing website designers


and you just have no idea where to start…

You could DIY, but that will result in hours of Googling, trial and error and frustration.

You could follow a course (I have a great one coming soon!), which will take you through the process step by step, but that’s still extra time that you could be investing in growing your business instead.

You could pay a designer who charges peanuts, but will it be a good website that you’re proud to share? Will it be website that you’re able to actually update yourself instead of paying for updates every time you need them in your quickly evolving business?

That’s where I come in.

I have been designing websites for 12 years and running my own business for 5 years. I live and breathe creativity, but I also love the strategy and marketing that goes into making a website actually work for a business. And by work, I mean it runs like a well-oiled lead generating machine to make you more money online.

I’ve worked with more than 100 business owners to create or update their websites. I’ve used this experience to perfect my workflow and client-interactions to create a new website design service called Website Express.

With Website Express, you get a website within 1-2 weeks.

It’s a fast-paced, tried and tested process so that you can get maximum results in a teeny tiny timeframe.

The websites that I create are beautiful AND sales-focused. You’re not just getting a fancy business card, you’re getting a gorgeous new website that’s created with your unique goals in mind, that you can’t wait to share with the world! 

What’s included with Website Express?

Full development

There are designers who aren’t developers, and developers who aren’t designers… Which means the process can sometimes take a lot longer with a lot more people involved. I am a website designer and a developer. I take the approved designs and build a fully functional website within 2 weeks.

WordPress based

WordPress powers 35% of the internet. It’s a powerful tool and it’s the platform that I use for all of my websites. Your website will be built with WordPress so that you can easily log in and update the website yourself if you’d like to. You have full control of the site and it’ll scale easily as your business grows.

Website copy workbook

If you’d like to write your own text content, I have an amazing workbook from Laura at Worditude that will guide you through a pain-free and easy process! You’ll get 12-months access to The Worditude Copywriting Toolkit, worth £25. Prefer to have your copywriting done for you? Laura offers an exclusive (and huge) discount to my clients.

Mobile responsive

Whatever device your audience chooses to use, they’ll see your website flawlessly. With over 50% of websites being viewed on a mobile, this is essential.

Google Analytics

I’ll set up Google Analytics on your website and give you the information to understand the data so you can make your website work harder! When we set a goal in our strategy call, we’ll be tracking it using Google Analytics to see just how well the website is working.

Integration with your marketing tools

Website visitors can easily find where they can follow and keep in touch with you on social media or your email list. I can also integrate the website with your call booking software, or any other marketing tool that you use in your business.

Hosting and domain name

I like to describe hosting as your rent for the internet, your domain name as your address and your website as your home. You need all 3 to have a self-hosted website that you have full control over. If you don’t already have hosting and a domain name, I can set that up for you so you don’t have to worry about any annoying techy things. The first year is free!

Website training

You get access to videos and guides to help you to update the completed website yourself, if you’d like to! You have complete control over your website, so if you want to add weekly blog posts or a new page a few months down the line, then you can absolutely do so. Or I can look after your whole website for you with my design retainer package.


I’ll install the top WordPress security plugin on your website to keep it safe and secure. A big worry for a lot of website owners is their website being hacked, but Wordfence installs a firewall and helps to keep track of website maintenance so that your website stays strong against hackers.

How does it work?

Website Express starts from £1,250. Enter your name and email address below for more information on how Website Express works. I’ll send you a PDF with information on the prices, timeline, process and what you need to prepare beforehand.

How to book

Want a website and want it NOW?!

Get in touch to book in to one of my available time slots and pay a 50% deposit.


Know you need a website but you don’t need it right this second?

Secure a slot 3+ months away with a 20% deposit.

On a strict budget but you know how much of an impact a brilliant website could have for your business?

Take advantage of the 6 month payment plan and split the website payment into smaller chunks.

Email me or book in a call here and let’s discuss your new website. 

Copywriting add-on 

A successful website is a balance of strategy, beautiful design and great text content.

Laura from Worditude offers a copywriting service so that you can get words for your website that attract your dream customers.

If you’re interested in the full package of website design AND website copy, let me know when you book your project and I can put you in touch with Laura.

You’ll have a call together to discuss your website and then Laura will turn the information into client-attracting copy!

Her packages usually start from £1200, but it’s £600 exclusively for Website Express customers.

Who am I? 

I’m Amber and I help small service-based entrepreneurs to create beautiful and sales-focused websites that show off their unique personality and attract their dream customers, so that they can earn more money online.

The businesses that I help are either solopreneurs or they have a very small team. I’m passionate about helping them grow and reach their goals, without having to become huge corporations. I truly believe you can do mind-blowing things while staying small.

I have more than 10 years experience in the digital world, previously working in an agency where I managed clients like The National Trust, Scottish Power and TalkTalk, but I’ve found that I really enjoy working with passion-led entrepreneurs who are running their businesses purely because they love what they do.

Here are a few people I have worked with…

Tracey Tait is a marketing coach and we’ve recently worked together to create a conversion-focused WordPress site. Tracey gets the majority of her clients through sales calls, so we made booking discovery calls our main focus. Everything that happens on this website, whether they visit a blog post or sign up to her email list, eventually drives the people who are serious about working with her to a sales call.

I love a plan so to see the how the Website Express package would be delivered, and the progress we’d make over the 2 weeks really stood out for me. 

Amber’s Website Express Package takes the faff out of getting a new website and leaves you with a website you won’t want to keep to yourself.

Working with you is fab! You are so patient, helpful and what you know about websites and design shines through. All your idea and suggestions were very much appreciated. I’m now so happy to share it and to tell people about it.”

Tracey Tait


Steam School is a new platform that runs a virtual club to teach children about STEM. It’s run by former educator Jade Parkinson-Hill and has developed into something truly amazing! I first worked with Jade in 2017 to build her website, and with the launch of her new app we recently reworked the whole website, building on what we’d already created and showing how flexible WordPress really is.

“I have worked with Amber for the past three years. Amber is a talented web designer. I consistently receive compliments from people about her work on my website. Amber also creates all our learning resources for Steam School, sometimes with a short term around. Amber is always happy to help with a smile and a positive attitude. On the infrequent occasion that there has been an issue or we are adding new functionality to the website, Amber is an absolute star. Amber shares regular updates and how she is approaching the task required.

Amber regularly makes suggestions and improvements to help make our website. email marketing and business processes work smoothly and more effectively.

My business depends on Amber, her reliability and her sunshine. I am so happy to see Amber’s business grow. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.”

Jade Parkinson-Hill

Steam School, www.steam-school.com

Aleks is a Facebook Ads strategist for small personal brands. Aleks didn’t have a website so we were starting from scratch, making sure that we created a website that can grow as her business grows. Aleks wanted her website to pre-qualify clients for her so we developed an automated questionnaire that sends potential clients to get a free audit if they can benefit from her 1-1 services or to a free Facebook Ads guide if they’re not quite there. Aleks is now going to generate more clients, build her email list and save time/money by only getting qualified leads.

Aleks Certa



Why 2 weeks?! I thought it took months to create a website?
Yes, it can take months to create a website, and honestly it used to take me months to create a website! Over the years I’ve honed my process and found ways that I can deliver the same high-quality work in a shorter period.

One of the main reasons that I can deliver your website in such a small amount of time is the fact that I only work with one website client at a time, whereas most website designers are juggling several clients.

I used to work this way, but juggling several projects at once is frustrating both for me and the client. I would constantly have to switch between clients and brands, and spend time refamiliarising myself with where I’d got up to and who I’m working for… And the client would have to wait longer for their website while I was working on other projects.

It made sense to condense the timeframe and work with one person at a time. I am loving this new process and so are my clients! The feedback that I’ve got is that it’s great to have such a fast-paced process – they find it exciting, rather than getting bored or discouraged as the project drags on and on… And they love the effortless, step-by-step process, rather than being bamboozled by jargon, confused about the progress of the project and wondering exactly where their money has gone.

The 2 week process is brilliant all round! It saves my sanity and my clients love it!

Why WordPress?
WordPress now powers 35% of the internet. Consider how many websites you visit every day – at least 1 in 3 of those websites are likely to be powered by WordPress.

According to codeinwp.com, roughly 500 new websites are built with WordPress every day, yet they all look and function differently. 

I won’t bore you with more statistics, but you have to admit they’re impressive!

This is why I personally use WordPress:

  • It’s insanely flexible. WordPress can be used to build a simple brochure site, a membership site, an ecommerce site, a blog… With the addition of thousands of plugins (these add extra functionality), your website can be anything you want it to be. 
  • You can expand easily as your business grows. Start with one page and add as many as you like in future without having to pay extra or jump through hoops. 
  • WordPress itself is free. To have a self-hosted website, you’ll have to pay for hosting and a domain name, but you’ll never have to pay for the WordPress platform that your website is built with.
  • WordPress is easy to use. It’s not made for tech gurus, it’s made for people who want to manage their website without having to know anything overly technical. My clients love this because it means that if they want to make small edits themselves they can do that straight away, without having to wait for their designer to do it and without having to pay extra. 
  • WordPress is designed with search engines in mind. There are also great plugins available to help with search engine optimisation so you’re more likely to appear higher up on Google. 
Do you offer SEO?
No, SEO is a long and complicated process. However, I do work on making the website SEO friendly using a plugin called Yoast SEO, adding alt text to images, tagging headings correctly, making sure the website speed is up to scratch… For the more in-depth work, I’ve got experts that I can recommend.
What if I need more than 5 pages?
That’s absolutely fine, we can work together even if you need 500 pages!!

Generally websites don’t need that many pages to explain what you do and how you can work with people (keep it simple!), but sometimes 5 pages just isn’t enough, for example if you want a separate page for each of your services. If you need more pages, let me know and I can work out a new timeframe – it may be that we just need one more week to allow for the extra page designs.

Can I edit the website myself?
Yes, you can, and that’s the beauty of WordPress. You don’t have to have any knowledge of coding to be able to edit your own website, because WordPress makes it so simple. 

I’ll provide videos and guides to the website once it’s complete, and I’ll always be there via email or in my Facebook group if you’d like to ask me anything in future. I’m happy to jump on a Zoom call and walk you through it too.

Can you write my website copy?
I’m not a copywriter myself, but I work with an amazing copywriter. Laura from Worditude has provided a workbook that will guide you through the process of writing your own text content, but she’s also available to write your website copy for you (at an exclusive discounted rate for Website Express clients). Let me know if you’re interested in this when you book your project and I’ll introduce you to Laura!
What happens after the project?
Once the website is complete and it’s live for all the world to see, I’ll leave you to bask in all your new website glory! I offer full support for 30 days so if you need any help with anything else then I’m there for you.

After 30 days we’ll check in on Google Analytics and see how everything is going with your new website. 

I’ll also check in periodically after that to make sure everything is working perfectly and see if there are any improvements we can make. 

A website isn’t a static thing – you can’t set it and forget it. It’s constantly evolving and we’re constantly learning from it. Through the guides and videos I send you, you’ll be able to make small tweaks yourself but I’m always here to help.

So, would you like a website that attracts your customers like bees to honey, gets leads on autopilot and makes you more money?

Email me or book in a call here and let’s discuss your new website. 

Be quick! The time slots get booked up fast so secure your space today!

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