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Sep 8, 2017 | Business, Marketing

SEO tips by Christopher ClowesGuest post by Christopher Clowes, author of The Features and Benefits of Digital Channels, Digital Marketing for Beginners and The Sales Process, and SEO Manager at Absolute Digital.

As we all know, SEO is quite complex, there are quite a few Digital Strategies that can take place to increase the rankings within the search engine results pages.

Though saying this, the basics are still the same and these need to be remembered in any SEO campaign that is taking place. Christopher Clowes talks us through what they are.

Technical SEO

What we need to remember here is that Google is basically librarians that are very customer focused. They want to deliver fast and accurate results to their customers.

For the speed element, if your competitor can give those results quicker, then that is whom Google will prefer over you. There are many ways to speed up the site, such as leveraging the browser caching and enabling gzip compression, but there are other factors.

As we know, Google sends out the little spider bots to retrieve information to the mothership. If these get stopped via bad links or 404 pages, then it is going to take longer to get the information back.

The speed and performance of your site are crucial, especially as Google is becoming mobile first. If you haven’t had a check on your technical SEO recently then you can do so here.

On Page Optimisation

As said before, Google wants to deliver fast and ACCURATE results to its customers. So the trick with on page optimisation is to ensure that you are relevant for the keyword that is being searched. This does not just mean to have the keywords stuffed on the page, but also that the Page Title, the Header Tags, the content and even the pictures are all relevant to that term.

We recommend that with every ‘Money’ keyword that you have, the big hitters, then there should be a specific page for that keyword. This will show to all search engines that this page is relevant to the searched keyword, and therefore is an accurate answer to be delivered back to the customer.

Firstly, utilising the Google Keyword planner tool is critical; you can then build a strategy around the big keywords to bring you the most amount of traffic. By doing this with the site structure in mind, this will also help your conversion rate and the return on investment.

Once again, Absolute Digital offer a free health check in this area, so if you think that your On Page Optimization and Keyword attribution needs a look into, then drop us a message and we will be glad to help.


Personally, I think this is the most important part of the process, but only WHEN the other two sections are done. There is no point providing backlinks if the on the page and technical areas are lagging behind.

Each backlink that is pointing to your site with a good Trust Flow acts as a vote, and just the same in any format, the more votes the higher you go. It’s as simple as that.

The trick here is to ensure that the backlinks are of correct nature. To ensure that they are not spammy, and to ensure that they are written in an article lead way.

Gone are the days where signing up to a few directories would do the trick. Now, you need to have article lead pieces of content on other sites, with the actual anchor text/keyword that you are looking to rank for hyperlinked to the page that you are looking to rank. To do this white hat takes a lot of time and dedication. If you do not have a long list of webmasters that you can connect with then it is suggested that you speak to a specialist.

If you do have a lot of backlinks already and are still not ranking, this may be because the links themselves are of poor quality. If this is the case, you may need to have a disavow to clear up any unwanted links.

There are many other factors that can help, and if you want to delve into this further, then we recommend reading ‘The Features and Benefits of Digital Channels’ By Christopher Clowes. This doesn’t just go into SEO, but also all other channels, which will give you a good understanding on how to increase your visibility online.

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