Payment Plans

My standard policy for all projects is 50% prepayment and 50% upon completion of the project, unless the project value is less than £150 in which case 100% prepayment is required. 

Some projects, in particular website design and development, can be expensive and beyond a small business’s initial budget. That’s why I’ve introduced payment plans! You can get a brilliant website up and running quickly without the large initial cost. This means you could even make money from the website before you’ve paid the full website cost.

Every small business deserves great design. Cost shouldn’t hold you back.


Standard Payment Policy

50% prepayment, 50% upon completion of the project (after the design stage, before development)

 3 Month Payment Plan

40% prepayment, 30% each month thereafter

 6 Month Payment Plan

25% prepayment, 15% each month thereafter

If the monthly cost isn’t paid then the website will be taken down. Once the full cost is paid, the original designs and website become your property.