Get a head start!

In the masterclass, I’ll be going over briefly how to set up hosting and domain name, but to make the most of the masterclass it’s good to have these set up beforehand.

Hosting = your rent for the internet!
Domain name = your address

You need both of these in order to have a website.

If you already have hosting and a domain name, I’ll go over how to install WordPress in a separate folder so your existing website stays live.

What to do:

1. Buy hosting for your website – I’ve got packages you can buy from me below and this includes full support. Click the product to find out more.

2. Buy a domain name for your website – Buy the domain name product below and email me with your desired domain name, or email me if you already have a domain name elsewhere.

3. I’ll set up your hosting and domain name and send you login details for your hosting account asap.

4. That’s it! You’re ready to follow along with the masterclass! Make sure you join the Facebook group and show up on the 3rd December at 11am GMT.

If you buy hosting from another company that’s fine – the process may be slightly different to what I’m showing you in the masterclass which is why I suggest following along with me using the hosting packages above.

The hosting packages above are for small websites and should be sufficient for starting your new small business website. As your business grows and your website grows, you can easily upgrade.

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