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Sep 23, 2015 | Business, Organisation and Productivity

Let’s face it, most of us don’t live in a house with a lot of spare room. Especially if you’re trying to get your business off the ground. So this is a lovely post about sorting a creative work space or home office when you may not have much space to work with. It’s also full of ideas and inspiration even if you have an office away from home or you have a whole room dedicated to your work.

If you’re like me, you could spend hours on Pinterest each day looking at beautiful pictures. One of my favourite types of pins is actually home office spaces. I love my little office in the corner of my living room but the creative work spaces on Pinterest make my heart flutter. I can’t wait to move somewhere with a whole room dedicated to my office space!

Fairy lights? Motivational prints? Pin boards? Geometric cushions?…Yes, please! [Tweet]

So, whether you want to work from home full stop, you’re just starting your business and need to start somewhere cheaper than an external office or you just want somewhere to do your work at home occasionally, a home office or work space doesn’t have to take up much room and can actually look quite beautiful!

“Help, I have no room whatsoever!”

If you’re living in a small house or flat, it can be easy to think “there’s absolutely no where I can fit a desk or any office supplies!” You might be right, but the chances are there’s a space that you can set for work.

Do you have space under the stairs, in the hallway, in a closet, in the corner of another room? If not, can you make some? Move things around, de-clutter, sell extra bits and bobs that you don’t really need.

Determine what you actually need space for. If you only need a small desk with your computer and files on top then easy peasy, I’m sure you can find somewhere! If you make and sell products for example, well that’s where it gets a bit more tricky as you’ll need room for your stock and supplies.

It’s always good practice to set somewhere to do your work away from where you live and relax if possible. This way your mind and body (and the other people you live with!) will know this is the place to work, or this is the place to relax, or this is the place to sleep etc…

Here are some ideas for creative office spaces that don’t take up much room at all or can fit in to awkward little nooks and crannies:

Decoholic Small Office Design Sponge Online small office









“Is that your wardrobe? Woah, wait, what?!”

Bedroom by night, small home office by day. Another very creative and quirky idea is a closet / wardrobe office. It works best if you have a walk in wardrobe but I have seen them with actual wardrobes turned into offices. Ikea, here we come!

The idea is you use the space to store your desk and all your office supplies and at the end of the day you can just close the doors. It’s like a pop up office, if you like! You can be as creative and messy as you like during your working day but once you close the doors, no one will see and your house will be back to normal!

The great thing about this is it doesn’t take up a whole room. Sure, it might be part of another room but it’s still kept separate as your creative work space.

Bedroom closet officeDecoholic closet office


Space for your crafty bits

If you’re a crafter or your business requires you to have a lot of supplies, then you may have to create even more storage space. This is where being organised really helps! If you have all of your supplies boxed and labelled, it’ll look so much neater and be so much easier to store.

Another quick tip: only have as much as you need. I’m definitely guilty of ignoring this! I see a beautiful bit of fabric and say “I’ll just have a tiny bit”, then come home with 3 metres of fabric and no where to put it. It’s difficult, but save yourself space and money by only getting what you really need (or really, really want occasionally!).

Baskets, boxes, under seat storage, under bed storage, trolleys, storage hangers that go over the back of the door…there’s lots you can do to store your office supplies neatly and out of the way of the rest of the house.

If you need a bit of extra space for crafting, or a desk to work at, this craft table with storage folds up into the wall! AMAZING!

hgtv craft table

Great lighting, great visibility, great energy, great work

Lighting can really make an office space. I don’t know about you but when I’m working in a bright and beautiful place, I stay awake and energised.

My living room has large balcony doors/windows so most of the time it’s really bright. I often work in to the evenings though so I love to light up my space with fairy lights.

If you can get plenty of it, natural light is definitely best for your creative work space. However, fairy lights still look great in an office space (you can never have too many!) and help keep your small home office bright and beautiful if you’re working on a dark and gloomy day or into the night like we often do.

Design Heaven living room office

Google Amsterdam OfficesAnd if you want to go all out, look at Google’s offices for inspiration!

I believe you are going to be at your most motivated and most creative when you’re surrounded by beautiful things. That’s why I think that an organised, creative work space is just great and will make you want to get up and work in the morning!

If you have all the room in the world, why not be extra extra creative? Take a look at Google for inspiration! Their offices are always absolutely amazing and are probably the number one reason I want to work there!

*All of these lovely photos were discovered via Pinterest. If you click on them you can pin them also and go through to the wonderful blogs that they’re from!*

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