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Frequently asked questions

Why do you charge in dollars when you're british?!

I work with clients all over the world and have found that USD is more internationally recognised than GBP. I would often give a quote for work and then be asked what I’d charge in dollars, so it makes sense to take the middle step out!

I don't really want to update my WordPress website myself in future. Can you do it?

I provide a guide with all websites so that you can learn how to update your website yourself, however it can be complicated and confusing. If you’d rather I took care of any updates for you then I can do this as and when you need them at £30 per hour.

If you know you’ll need regular updates, then I can work out a package price for you based on the estimated amount of hours you’ll need.

What is Pinterest and why do you create a mood board?

Pinterest is an online tool / social media platform that allows you to gather images and inspiration from across the internet. It’s like an online pin board.

I use Pinterest to create a mood board so I can easily see what direction you want your design to go in. I collect existing branding if you’ve got it, inspirational colour schemes, pictures that imply what your business is about and more.

If I don't want to work with you in future, do I still keep the designs?
If you ever decide that you’d rather work alone or with another business, then that’s absolutely fine. Once a project is complete, all designs are provided to you and they then become yours. I will give you all original design files because I don’t believe in holding you back from your business or design options.
What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online tool to allow you to create websites that you can easily log in to and edit yourself. There doesn’t have to be any complicated code or extensive knowledge to be able to update your website.

I use WordPress to build you a custom website and I deal with all of the complicated code so that, if you want to, you can just log in to your new website and update it easily yourself.

WordPress is also a brilliant blogging system so that if you’d like to blog, you can easily do so with your new website.

What is hosting?

Hosting could be explained like your “rent” for the internet. Without anywhere to host your website, you won’t have a website.

I recommend Tsohost for web hosting (contact me for 10% off).

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website address. It’s what you type in the address bar to get to your website. For example, is my domain name.

You can choose from many extensions including, .com, and .uk.

What is a wireframe?

Wireframes are the step before designs in website design. Wireframes simply explore the layout of a website and don’t include any design element at all. They are done in black and white with boxes to display what will go where.

I provide 3 wireframe options for the home page each depicting different layouts. Once a wireframe is chosen, you receive 2 designs based on the wireframe. The designs add colour and style to the wireframe to show what the actual website will look like.

Do you offer SEO services?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not included in any projects as this is a long and ongoing process, however I do take steps to improve your SEO where possible e.g. installing an SEO plugin and providing alternative tags for images. If you’d like to work on this further, I can provide details of companies who specialise in this.

I myself specialise in design and I believe it’s best to work with a specialist in SEO if you want to take this further. Good SEO is expensive and most emails you’ll get about very cheap SEO aren’t always to be trusted and could actually damage your search ranking.

Can you print my design?
I can provide print services whether I design the artwork or not. Just contact me with what you need and I’ll be able to give you a quote. All quotes include delivery charges.

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