Starter Website Design

Just getting started in your business and want to get off on the right foot? You don’t need to invest tons of money to get a custom website and you don’t need to DIY it with a Wix site either.

With my starter website design package you can get a beautiful WordPress website that isn’t going to break the bank, that works perfectly, is secure, looks professional, is personalised to your business and is scalable as your business grows.

That will definitely get your business off to a good start!


What’s included and how does it work?

I believe you shouldn’t be held back from having a beautiful website because it’s too expensive. This is the time to focus on growing your business, not the time to worry about extra start-up costs. Plus, having a professional looking website right from the start will help to push your business forward faster!

My starter website design package is £450 and includes three essential pages to get you started, all based on pre-designed templates.

The template is where you save money. I’ve worked hard to design several different options for each page. Simply choose the three pages you’d like to have – out of Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact – and then choose a template for each one.

Click here to see the available templates. 

You’ll still get a personalised website because these templates will include your branding, images and text content.

All of these websites are built using WordPress which is a really flexible system and enables you to edit the website easily yourself. I’ll even provide PDFs and videos to teach you how.

By using WordPress, your website can easily scale with your business. Make changes to the design or add extra pages easily as your business grows. 

Click here for the nitty-gritty! - Absolutely everything that is included in the package:

• In-depth design brief and workbook for you to fill out so I know as much information about your business as possible to help me to build a website that’s perfect for you and your business

• Shared Asana project (project management tool)

• Website within 4 weeks provided deadlines/schedule are followed (please bear in mind that there may be a waiting list to start the project)

• Full design and development of a simple three page website

• 10% off hosting with Tsohost

• Budget friendly – With 3 pages and 2 design options, this package is significantly cheaper than the fully custom website package which offers unlimited pages, 2 wireframes and then 2 design options

• The website is built using WordPress so you can easily log in and do basic updates yourself. I’ll even provide a guide for you!

• All text content and images provided by the client

• Great for Etsy / Folksy sellers – the website can link directly to your shop page so you still have your own website but Etsy / Folksy is your main marketplace

• The website can easily be added to and upgraded in future

• 2 full colour designs to choose from based on a template

• 2 rounds of amendments included for each stage

• Fully responsive across mobiles and tablets. The website will work regardless of what device you view it on. Google now prefers this and mobile friendly websites get higher rankings. A lot of companies charge extra for this but I include it as standard!

• Favicon included (the little icon that represents your website in the address bar!)

• Existing website remains live while your new website is being developed. I then swap them over once you are happy with the new website. If you don’t already have a website, then an under construction page is provided

• Fully tested to ensure that everything is working as it should be

• SEO friendly. Full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not included as this is a long and ongoing process, however I do take steps to improve your SEO where possible e.g. installing an SEO plugin and providing alternative tags for images. If you’d like to work on this further, I can provide details of companies who specialise in this

• Integration with your social media pages so website visitors can easily find where they can follow you

• Contact form provided as standard

• Free advert on my social media pages and email newsletter once complete

• Free guide to the website so you know how to update the website yourself (otherwise updates are charged at £30 per hour as and when you need them)

• All details for the website are provided to you and I ask you to buy the hosting and domain name yourself so ultimately the website is owned by you

All this for £450

(based on a 3 page website – usually Home, Services, Contact)

I usually ask for 50% deposit and 50% upon completion of the project, although I do offer payment plans. If you’d like to set up a payment plan, please get in touch.

Book now to get your website project going as soon as possible.

“My website is beautiful! Amber is easy to work with and very thorough. She went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I will definitely be calling her again. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new website.”

Barbara Jackson Skincare

Read more testimonials here

How long will it take?

The time frame that I work to for starter website packages is 4 weeks and I only work on 2 sites at a time.

I work in this way so that I can give clients my full attention rather than being split across various projects, you get a great website quickly and it saves my sanity! I’ve had more than 20 projects on the go at once before and it really doesn’t work –  that is why I now use the process below:

Please bear in mind that there will be a schedule and deadlines for us both to stick to, but this will result in a fabulous website in a short amount of time! This will be managed in my project management tool, Asana.


< Week 1 - Prep

I have a design brief and workbook that needs to be filled out before we can start the project. This ensures we have absolutely everything we need to get going with the project from week 1 and we’ll finish on or before week 4! This is the step where you’ll choose your pages and your template for each page.

Week 1 - Designs

Once you have chosen the template you’d like to use for each page, I create the designs using the template and your own branding and content. Please note, this is not a custom site – the website is based solely on the template. If you need extra functionality or a different layout, that would be a custom site. 2 round of amendments are included at this stage.

Week 2 - Build

When all designs are approved, I work on building the actual website using WordPress and a theme called Divi. You’ll receive videos and PDFs at the end of the project to help you learn how to use WordPress and Divi yourself so that you can update your website.

Week 3 - Feedback & Testing

Not to be underestimated, this step is where we tie up all the loose ends. Do all the links work? Does the website perform well on mobile devices? Are all the images displaying? Are all the fonts and text sizes correct?

Week 4 - Launch!

Perhaps the most exciting step of all is where we finally press ‘publish’ on the website and launch it for the world to see!

This package is for you if:

– You don’t want or need a custom site yet (if you do, click here) because you’re just starting out or you’re looking to test your business idea before going big

– You can work to a schedule to provide feedback on designs so that we can complete within the 4 week timeframe

– You’d like a website that can scale with your business

– You’re happy with the templates provided for the pages and you don’t need extra amends or functionality to the templates

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