WordPress Website Assistant

You may be thinking “ah I don’t need that!”, but when was the last time you updated your version of WordPress or updated a plugin?

Why should you update your site?

Updating to the latest versions of WordPress and it’s plugins and themes keeps your site secure. Often the latest versions include fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Keeping your site updated makes it more secure.

Sometimes it’s as simple as clicking ‘update’, but sometimes it involves more work, especially if an update breaks your website.

My monthly website assistant package leaves all updates, backups and security checks to me – you don’t have to worry! And there’s no chance that your site will be vulnerable simply because an update was forgotten!

WordPress Website Assistant Package

Basic Package

– Weekly website backups
– Daily security checks
– Updates of WordPress, plugins and themes
– Suggestions on how to improve and update your website

£35 per month

(or a discounted yearly fee of £385)

Custom Package

Prices are worked out based on individual requirements, but could include:

– Adding products to your shop

– Adding blog posts

– Managing blog comments

– Creating new sales or landing pages

– Updating your website with different layouts and more content

I’m your virtual assistant for your website! Keep it updated, keep it secure and keep it somewhere safe. I know my stuff about website design, user experience and marketing, and I’m happy to also send helpful suggestions to boost your website where possible.

If you just need one off updates of page layouts, text, products etc, rather than monthly updates, I can certainly do that for you – just let me know what you need and I can work out a custom package.

Need a more advanced package? Updating and developing a website as time goes on, means that you’ll have a website for life. You won’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds every couple of years for a complete redesign.

Outsourcing website design, development and upkeep, can save you a ton of time (and stress if things go wrong!). You don’t have to teach yourself how to use WordPress, you don’t have to update your site, you don’t have to fiddle around with blog posts, you can spend time creating new products or services instead of stressing over creating the sales pages for them, and you have someone to help you out of a pickle if those pesky hackers do manage to get on to your site.

Contact me

If you’d like more information, a personalised quote or would like to set up a monthly website assistant package, please contact me.

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