At the start of the year I was so set to post every two weeks. Easy, right? Nope! It takes a lot of time to write a blog post and I’ve been so overloaded with work that I’m only just clearing my workload so that I can get back on top!

I wanted to pop in and write a post about priorities and focus. I beat myself up if I haven’t finished my to do list for the day or if I’ve got dishes waiting to be washed up or if I forgot (again!) to take the washing out of the machine. I’m expecting myself to be superwoman and very recently I realised how stupid that is. I don’t even have kids yet so I can’t even begin to imagine how working mums manage!

Honestly, my fiancé should be a therapist when he’s not being a tennis coach. After an epic meltdown on Saturday, I had a long chat with Zak. He said “you’re trying to do EVERYTHING at once. You can’t do that! What’s your highest priority?” Ummm….

We figured out together that my biggest stresses were my work and my health. Two massive things. We decided housework can do one. My kitchen looks like a war zone but rather than worrying about it, I’m focusing on my highest priority of the moment. Getting work DONE. Clients are relying on me to stick to deadlines, not to do my housework. And at the end of the day, getting work done is going to be what pays my bills so I actually have housework to do!

I know I’m not the only one who stresses about everything. A lot of people struggle with trying to be everything and do everything.

What we all need is focus. Focus on your highest priorities. Life is too short to worry about half of the things we worry about. If we pick the biggest, most important and sometimes most scary things that need to be done, and get them done, we’ll be moving forward rather than zig zagging.

That’s where my mindset is at the moment and I’m going to set a task for 6 months time to record where that’s got me. There you go – accountability! Wee bit of panic even just writing that!

So, why haven’t I posted for 3 months? My workload has been huge, and honestly, I’ve been awful at organising myself. I say yes to work when I need to say ‘yes, but it’ll be 4 weeks until I can start’. I put off tasks that scare me. I avoid going to the gym, or even leaving the house, because I’ve got ‘SO MUCH work’. It’s been a never-ending cycle of design work and stress, where all the days seem to roll into one.

I’m putting an end to that! Here’s to focusing on my $100 bills (thanks Amber McCue!) and getting shit done! Focusing on what NEEDS to be done, improving my project organisation / schedule and working on my wellbeing. I can’t promise that I’ll blog every two weeks but here’s to no more procrastination!

If you’re struggling with workload or you feel like you’re busy but not productive, try organising yourself with this strategy.

I’ve just gone through my own to do list and narrowed it down from hundreds of thoughts, ideas and things I thought I ‘should’ be doing, to just a handful of tasks. Any ideas that I might like to come back to in future, went in a separate ‘future to do list’ that I can revisit if I need to.

Focus, people! Focus on your highest priorities about work but also on your wellbeing. A healthy you = a healthy business.