Starter Website Design

This package is for small businesses or start-ups with a small budget, or who are getting their first WordPress website. It includes 3 essential pages (e.g. Home, About/Services, Contact) and 2 design options based on a template which means it can save you at least 40% of the custom website design cost. You’ll still get the same quality and a brilliant website but at a fraction of the cost! The website is built using WordPress and can easily expand as your business grows.

All this for £420

(based on a 3 page website – usually Home, About / Services, Contact)

Budget WordPress Website Design

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Included in the package:

• Full design and development of a simple three page website

• 10% off hosting with Tsohost

• Budget friendly – With 3 pages and 2 design options, this package is significantly cheaper than the fully custom website package which offers unlimited pages, 2 wireframes and then 2 design options

• The website is built using WordPress so you can easily log in and do basic updates yourself. I’ll even provide a guide for you!

• Great for Etsy / Folksy sellers – the website can link directly to your shop page so you still have your own website but Etsy / Folksy is your main marketplace

• The website can easily be added to and upgraded in future

• In-depth design brief for you to fill out so I know as much information about your business as possible to help me to build a website that’s perfect for you and your business

• 2 full colour designs to choose from based on a template

• 2 rounds of amendments included for each stage

• Full development of the website. I take the approved designs and build a fully functional website

My Silver Pie Website Design

• Fully responsive across mobiles and tablets. The website will work regardless of what device you view it on. Google now prefers this and mobile friendly websites get higher rankings. A lot of companies charge extra for this but I include it as standard!

• Favicon included (the little icon that represents your website in the address bar!)

• Existing website remains live while your new website is being developed. I then swap them over once you are happy with the new website. If you don’t already have a website, then an under construction page is provided

• Fully tested to ensure that everything is working as it should be

• SEO friendly. Full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not included as this is a long and ongoing process, however I do take steps to improve your SEO where possible e.g. installing an SEO plugin and providing alternative tags for images. If you’d like to work on this further, I can provide details of companies who specialise in this

• Integration with your social media pages so website visitors can easily find where they can follow you

• Contact form provided as standard

• Free advert on my social media pages and email newsletter once complete

• Free guide to the website so you know how to update the website yourself (otherwise updates are charged at £28 per hour as and when you need them)

• All details for the website are provided to you and I ask you to buy the hosting and domain name yourself so ultimately the website is owned by you

“I love my new website! It’s perfect. Amber was great to work with. She really went above and beyond to make sure that my website was exactly what I wanted. She made countless edits and tweaks to get it exactly like I envisioned, and has been great about teaching me how to do things on my own, too. I’m beyond happy that I worked with Amber for this project. I really don’t think I could be any happier.”

My Silver Pie

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