About Amber Phillips Design

I provide bespoke website design services, all-in-one design packages and printing services to creatives, crafters and other small businesses. And I even offer payment plans to make it as easy as possible to get brilliant design!

I truly love creativity and I aim to help small businesses to improve their design and therefore their business, making you look more professional and appealing to your customers. After all, customers are at the heart of every business and you need to show them just how great you are. Don’t be modest now!

You need to stand out, and budget shouldn’t hold you back! I offer payment plans and budget website packages for this reason, so that all those beautiful small businesses can have beautiful design to match, without breaking the bank.

I’ve always been creative and business focused, and even started a small craft business of my own when I was just 13! It’s actually still going and has developed a huge amount over the years, helping me to fundraise for charity trips and learn about business, giving me some insider knowledge into the industry.

Amber Phillips Design

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“Amber is amazing! She’s turned my idea into something really beautiful. I absolutely love my Pure Profit Planner. Thank you so much! xx PS I recommend Amber to all my clients and friends!”

Nadia Finer

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You really want to get to know me? Aw shucks. Well, here’s my story!

I’d always been told that to be a successful designer I’d have to work with the big boys in London. But nuh uh, not my style. I’ve worked for the big boys and although it was a design role, it lacked creativity and freedom.

I’ve worked with huge companies like Talk Talk and The National Trust and it was absolutely brilliant, but I realised the people I like working with the most are the little guys. We tend to gel so much better and I produce my very best work for smaller, creative businesses.

I’ll always remember the look my secondary school careers advisor gave me when I said I wanted to be a designer but I didn’t want to go to University. She looked at me as if I was crazy and told me that if I wanted to be a designer then I’d HAVE to go to University.

I didn’t let that hold me back and I stuck to what I believed in. I worked my way through my creative GCSE’s and A Levels, online courses, extra curricular courses, work experience, an apprenticeship and a design role working with huge UK companies before I decided to go freelance. And honestly, it was the best decision ever!

As well as running my business, I work at a lovely little fabric shop part time. A lot of people ask whether it’s my aim to build my business enough so that I don’t have to work there anymore, but to be honest I can see myself working there forever! It truly is amazing (although far too much of my wages goes on fabric!).

I enjoy designing, drawing, painting, sewing, beading, in fact absolutely anything creative! My dream is to one day open my own shop and design studio where I can sell products from local creative businesses as well as my own range of stationery!

So that’s me…a fabricaholic and designer from Essex, UK. If you’d like to keep in touch, please visit my social media pages or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you! <3